Carol Tubman
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Heritage Park facilitates a monthly Morning Prayer interpretive program on the first Sundays of every month during the summer, plus Victoria Day Sunday, Thanksgiving and the Sundays of Advent.  These are "Special Events" and rely on interested and knowledgable volunteers to present the program.  The context is a former rural Anglican Church c. 1895, and the program content is the BCP Morning Prayer service that would have been part of life for new settlers on the Alberta frontier at that time.  It has aspects of a formal prayer service of the day such as prayers, readings and hymns (Heritage Park supplies an organist for the historic pump organ).  Over the past 10+ years, the volunteers presenting this program have been lay readers from the Diocese.  This is a wonderful way of educating the public from near and far, as well as Heritage Park volunteers and staff, about our church history and commitments in southern Alberta.  Trained lay ministers who are familiar with, and love, Morning Prayer are ideal presenters.  Interested persons may contact Mryka Hall-Beyer ( or (403) 284-2611) before April 15.  Time commitment would be some half days of familiarization with Heritage Park and this program, and volunteering (alone or as a two-person team) for probably one or two Sundays a year, depending on the number of volunteers.  Volunteers operate under an agreement with Heritage Park for support and insurance purposes.  Free parking provided, and often free lunch, as well.