The Licensed Lay Ministry Program is a new initiative to strengthen and equip lay leaders in three areas of training and licensing:  

  • License A: Leading public worship in Morning and Evening Prayer
  • License B: Administering Reserved Sacrament to the Public (and, with permission of the Bishop, at parish services)
  • License C: Preaching

 To find out if you might need a license for your ministry, see the document below, "Do I Need a License?"

The Calgary School for Mission and Ministry (CSMM) is the training arm of the Licensed Lay Ministry Program.

  • On the Left-hand bar you'll find a link to the Application Forms and all the forms you need.  (On mobile: the menu is just underneath the top picture)
  • Below you will find several editions of the CSMM Newsletter which give you the most current updates about the School. 

How do I get licensed?

  1. Discover if you need to be licensed for your ministry/ministries by reading, "Do I Need A License?" found below
  2. If so, read the Licensed Lay Ministry Program Guidebook.
  3. When you're ready, visit "Application Forms" on the Left-hand bar, and begin your Application. (On mobile: just underneath the top picture)
  4. Once we've received your completed Application and all required materials, the Registrar, Carol Tubman will be in touch to guide you through your next steps.