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Diocesan Council has recognized that parishes are facing the practical question of how to effectively continue serving an online audience when they return to onsite physical gathering. Most parishes have been relying on Zoom or other simple solutions to record and broadcast at-home-services during the pandemic restrictions.  A parish offering both physical and online ministry will face the budgetary question of upgrading their equipment and moving to other forms of live streaming. Clergy and wardens will be looking for cost-effective ways to include cameras and live streaming in the sanctuary that does not get in the way of the liturgy, clergy or participants during physical worship.

Diocesan Council will provide up to a $1000 Grant to each applicant parish in the Diocese of Calgary for purchased equipment that enables them to record or stream services or use technology to address COVID concerns. 

The first step is for applicant parishes to apply for approval with a detailed plan for online ministry including an itemized budget.  Final disbursement of the Digital Ministry Grant would be made on presentation of receipts.  

A parish can apply by sending their detailed plan to Marcus Herrel, Acting Director of Finance, at the Diocesan Office.