Archbishop Greg Kerr-Wilson along with the Diocesan Council announces that the 78th Convention of Synod has been called for Saturday, October 24, 2020. Licensed Clergy and Elected Lay Delegates to Synod are to attend.

Preparation will include the reading and being familiar with all materials sent out prior to Synod.  Elections will be held for the following positions:

-          Provincial Synod (required: 3 Clergy, 2 Lay, 1 Youth)

-          General Synod (required: 3 Clergy, 3 Lay, 1 Youth)

-          Diocesan Council (required: 1 Clergy and 1 Lay from each of the 5 Deaneries)

During this time of physical distancing, Synod will be held via Zoom.  For the election process, we will use paper ballots which will be sent out to each delegate and be returned to our office prior to the Synod meeting.

For those voting, Biographies of the Nominees are downloaded (below).

In an effort to make good use of limited time, only the essentials of Synod, in accordance with the Canons, will be dealt with.  No motions will be addressed at this event; we intend to hold a Special Synod in 2021 to respond to motions and other business.

Any questions or concerns can be forwarded to Mrs. Kim Getty, Registrar of the Diocese ( or The Rev. Dr. Bob Mummery (